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I really enjoyed my session with you last night. I am still very sore this morning and I’ve been trying to stay off my butt as much as possible. First off I want to say I was really taken aback by how beautiful you are. You are the prettiest Dom I’ve ever been to. You being so much taller than me and your attractiveness played well into my fantasy. I enjoyed the role play and the positions you put me in. You really put me in the mindset that I was back in school. You had me questioning my own pain limits. There was an implement you used that I didn’t get to see but it had me ready to quit! You probably don’t think my pain tolerance is an 8 after that. Looking at your feet in those stockings were the only thing that took my mind off the pain. 


Thank You again for seeing me today. i must say that You are one of the most beautiful Dommes i have had the privilege of serving and i could feet myself falling under Your control. In terms of what was liked, Your appearance is that of a Goddess, i was mesmerized by Your attire, and am grateful I was able to worship Your backside. i found the Pet CBT very humiliating as You continued to tug on my privates while You whipped and punished my backside. i found myself hoping for more clothespins, hoping You would drop some of Your ashes into my mouth, hoping You would whip me firmer, and being subjected to other forms of punishment from You.

Miltown Pet

Goddess, Very interesting ride home after O/our visit, thought at one point i accidentally turned on the seat heater, after checking - i realized it was Your handy work, thank You.
Furry Little Cunt

Hello Goddess, hope You're having a good night. Just wanted to say that i thoroughly enjoyed our session yesterday. As usual, it went by way too fast. Similar to the previous session, I felt this one was a definite step up. I think W/we have definitely developed a chemistry together that will continue to grow with each session. i am saddened by the fact that i am so far from You, but rest assured I will be sure to let You know next time I'm in the area, and I hope You will do the same. Until then, I will be looking forward to the next time i see You.

Small Wonder 

Goddess, Sat and Sun i had terrible intestinal problems, possibly due to being used as an ashtray, THANK YOU for that honor. i really can't think of anything i didn't like that You did. i truly enjoyed being able to worship Your ass and its crack it is honor be allowed that privileged, possibly someday be able to drink Your golden juice right from the source, or possibly watch You fill up a glass with or with out ice in have You watch me drink it. i thoroughly enjoyed having You ass fuck me. Having You sit on me, skin to skin especially chest, face, stomach etc, making me work to breathe is heaven.

Furry Little Cunt

Thank You again for arranging Your schedule to allow a session earlier today. The session was incredible - You are a beautiful, powerful women and i hope to have the opportunity to session with You regularly. Your appearance is burned into my mind and i am grateful You allowed me to worship Your beautiful backside and allowed me to release. Being subjected to CBT and ashtray training was, in a word, amusing.

Miltown Pet

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